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Re: [IP] Cure for diabetes? HA!

Wow, Ginny, i'm sorry you have such a down attitude about this.  It surely
isn't a healthy attitude, especially when it is totally worng.   Cures for
many diseases will surely be found in the next 10 years.  There is more
human energy and money now directed toward this effort thatn ever before in
history.  Yes the fed gov't is a bureacracy and the drug comanies are
profit driven, but there is such a major universsal  effort out now to cure
illness and disease that it is unstoppable.  Keep the faith. As bad as you
think it is here, try to imagine living somewhere else.

I will have to agree to disagree with you on this topic. There is alot to
lose for all sorts of pharmaceuticals if there is a cure for diabetes and
[blah, blah.....]
misusing RF and EMF's and exposures where we live on north Georgia it would
take a hard sell for me to believe much the US gov has to say which is true
about anything.

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