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Diabetes is one of the health problems where people have to read and learn for
themselves how to treat it and cope with it.
During your periods your blodd sugars may or may not be like a rollar
coaster..everyone is different in how we react so that is why we use YMMV on
here. YMMV means your mileage may very. I highly suggest you get the book
Pumping Insulin.
A bolus is what one takes right before you eat and is based on the amount of
carbohydrates one is going to eat. Carb counting you can learn on your own. It
is one of those things we need to learn. IF you go to the website of this
insulin pumpers list you can find anything you need to know.
and A1C is a blood test that is able to tell you and your doctor just how your
blood sugars have been over the past 2 or 3 months. My doc does mine every 3
months since  I have to go in and have blood drawn then anyway for something
Can you tell me how your pump "broke down?" and did you call the 800 number on
the pump to get help? They do have 24 hour tech help. 
I think you will find that a lawyer will tell you that you are responsible for
your health care especially with diabetes,.
Go to our web site and read and read..part of this is educating yourself.
Calling the pump company for help until you know what different alarrms
mean..were ypur batteries dead? did you have insulin in the cartridge? etc
etc..see after a while you will know what questions to ask yourself when
go goofy.
the web site is:
it has everything on there and the next time your pump doesn't work either get
the manual out or call thier number..with using the pump one has to learn to
trouble shoot for themselves or ask on here..we are here to help:)
Please let me know what was wrong with your pump and also how you ;like the
site but also please do invest in Pumping Insulin and keep your pump manual
Take care!
email @ redacted

At 12:07 AM 06/14/2000 -0400, you wrote: 
> Ufortuneately my medical team has failed to care for me , and as a result i
> will be suing desetronic in Canada for product malfuntion, when my pump shut
> off and stoped working and recieved no assistance from anyone....
>   ANd my medical team at Mc Master University in Canada has failed to inform
> me on how to deal with bolusing, menenstration adjustments, carbo counting
> just for starters.....however, i've just had my second AIC test, and i'm not
> even sure what it really is.......they lost the results of my first test,
> said they had been misplaced or filed, but today when kthe nurse called she
> was upset to say my results were .087, and she said this was 50% higher than
> it should be........first of all i dotn know what the test is for, or
what it
> means,  or how it is meausured and i dont know what my results mean, what
> results are good and how to improve or what an improvement is......
> i'm sure after i know , and talk to my lawyer and have some answers on what
> to do and how it works from my friends at insulin pumpers, i'll have the
> knowlege to fire my team, find antoher and get healthy again.......
> thank you in advance for any information
> Tracey Scott

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