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[IP] pumping for surgery

> When I
> had surgery earlier this month, the anesthesiologist thought Elvis would
> automatically give me insulin to cover my (non-existent) breakfast. For
> reason, he insisted on running dextrose so I wouldn't go low. I finally
> tired of trying to explain and just corrected after surgery.
> Jan (and Elvis)

I got to thinking yesterday that the CGMS will eventually be very nice
during surgery when all involved can actually detect highs and lows and
correct as needed. Forget the times when they nonchalantly let a BG rise to
400 as happened to a friend who had open heart surgery. My next surgery when
they freak out with insulin being pumped into me is to ask if they routinely
remove the pancreases of non-DMers before surgery, too. (~_^)
Jan (& Bluda Sue) http://maxpages.com/bludasue

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