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Subject: [IP] just received Pumping Insulin today -

I just rolled my eyes when I read Dr. Ponder's analogy.  Jenna's pump has
never tangled its leash around her legs, barked at an inopportune time,
piddled on the carpets, been unwelcome in a hotel or restaurant.  Never seen
a  dog that weighed 4 ounces and slept quietly in one's pocket all the time.
Dr. Ponder was Jenna's doctor pre-pump, and he also told us that MDI was
like "riding a bicycle" and using a pump was like "driving a sports car,"
and that kids could ride bicycles and that it took a lot more sophistication
to drive a sports car.  Never quite got that analogy, I appreciated that we
had a car (albeit a minivan) to get to our appointment with him, and didn't
have to rely on a bicycle.  Anyways, at 11, she sure is driving her sports
car well, doesn't seem to mind having her dog on a leash with her all the
time.  I just hope that little analogy doesn't give more endos more reasons
not to prescribe pumps.

Nancy Morgan

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