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Re: [IP] Re: explanations

In a message dated 6/26/00 3:52:01 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<<  I find the common misunderstanding, even
among folks who have heard about insulin pumps, is that they expect the pump
to be totally automatic. >>

It's really discouraging when those folks are medical "professionals." When I 
had surgery earlier this month, the anesthesiologist thought Elvis would 
automatically give me insulin to cover my (non-existent) breakfast. For that 
reason, he insisted on running dextrose so I wouldn't go low. I finally got 
tired of trying to explain and just corrected after surgery.

Jan (and Elvis)

P.S. And my comment, when somebody said: "Nice pager! Ohmigod! It's 
*attached* to you!" Was "How else am I supposed to contact the mother ship?" 
Glad y'all are still getting a laugh out of that. 
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