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Re: [IP] explain...

I decided to let my excitement for having the pump
"speak a thousand words". 

I have decided that I will be a walking & Talking
billboard for the pump and it benefits.  This is soooo
unlike my personality, but what a difference it has
made for me, I have to get the word out.

Sometimes I have the short tail for the QR that i
wasn't using, available to show how flexible the
cannula is. 
This is what I usually cover:

1.I usually point out that now I have one "shot" every
three days, compared to the minimum of the 12 I would
have had.  And ask which would you rather do?

2. I mention the flexibility of eating, not eating,
sugar, ease of carbo counting.

3.I mention my A1c going from 7.5-6.5 in a month.

4. And smile ALOT!  Sometimes I even cry when I really
stop to think of all the benefits.

I hope this helps...enthusiasm is the key!!

Now don't you just want to go tell someone else.

Donna with "Cricket" clicking in my pocket all the

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