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Re: [IP] explain...

yet. However, I think that it would be a good thing if we all wear our
pumps in plain sight.  That would be one very apparent way to increase
awareness about diabetes.  

I always wear my pump in the open or if clipped to my bra, I take it out
for meals to bolus (I can audio bolus, but have made errors in clubs or
loud places before). When people act like a pump is only for "bad serious
diabetics" I happily explain it prevents us from being "bad (ie those w/
complications) " and it gives us lives back. They usually go immediately
and tell the diabetics they know about a pump:) I make sure they know
punmps are a painless postivie alternative to MDI and improve quality of
life and thereby improves health. Then pumps are great to their mindsets.

I even introduce my pump to friends, who always want to touch it and watch
me bolus:) 



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