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Re: RE[IP] Cure for diabetes? HA!

I will have to agree to disagree with you on this topic. There is alot to
lose for all sorts of pharmaceuticals if there is a cure for diabetes and
other illnesses. And I doubt there will be a cure because then no one would
have to buy test strips, insulin pumps, blood testing machines, syringes,
insulin and all of the gadgets that go along with all of these things ANd
if there is a cure I doubt many people would be able to afford it and most
insurance companies would deny it saying it is a experiemental procedure so
those that are wealthy would be the ones who would get a cure.
I was a pharnacy tech and I saw the drug reps come in with thier contests
for the store phamacists that included trips and tvs and many many
wonderful gifts if so much of one drug was sold.  I was also a resp.
therapist and I saw the same thing in the hospital and with the doctors and
all of there little gifts given out and contests and magazines with
pictures of thier trips for these contests so this stuff goes on. What
incentive is there for a cure for anything? If there were cures many
doctors would be out of business or not making enough money to support the
lifestyle they are use to, I am sure doctors would want to be cured but
they have thier in's at places so they could get thier cure at cost or less.
The drug companies give alot of money to the organizations such as the ADA-
 and their products are promoted in magazines such as the Diabetes
Forecast. I don't read much about cures in there. The drug companies are
one of the biggest lobbying groups in the US. In fact the chemcial
companies have a huge influence on the US Government. I have been trying to
get information and some forms from the disability office from the DOJ and
after 4 months and phone calls I still have not recieved it. So much for
how my tax dollar helps me.
The US Gov does not represent the US citizens. It is no longer "Gov by the
people for the people. The US government has no interest in us. I think
they would be quite happy keeping on filling thier pockets with our tax
dollars for all thier little perks and as long as we have the corrupt
governemt as has been proven lately we have by our so called leader who is
morally corrupt and could care less I wouldn't put any faith in our
government. We have been hearing for years there was a cure just around the
corner..well.,alot of corners have come and gone and no cure as of yet., My
grandfather who was one of the first ones in insulin when it first came out
in the 1920's was told there would be a cure for him..well he is gone now
from the complications of diabetes and my mom will never have a cure and I
won;t so exactly what is holding it up? 
You are from the CDC..Which is another dept of the US Government who still
has not come up with help for those with chemical injury or those suffering
from Gulf War Syndrome..and you expect me to read and believe what you will
write up? I was at the conference last year for the Gulf War Illness
Conference and still nothing has come from it even though the veterans were
there sharing what happened to them. It was very very sad to hear of thier
suffering and losses.  My dad was one who was experimented on during WWII
with various gases and it was not until the mid 1990's that it was made
public. His neuro believes that it was that exposure that has caused his
Parkinson's. Do you know what that is like? There is alot of secrecy in the
US government and it is not for our good. It takes away from us. 
I don't believe there will be a cure for AIDS either sadly or for FM or MS
or RA. All that happens is that more meds come out to take care of the
symptoms..like a band-aide does .but nothing cures . Too much $$$$$ loss if
there was a cure.

Well this is part of my soap box. I have seen the lies and have dealt with
the US Gov too much to hold much trust and faith in them.  I use to be very
patriotic but after that the news came out about my dad went through when
he was just a young man and how it has affected him and his childrend and
now the Desert Storm and Agent Orange stuff which I am actively involved in
and the lies I have recieved from the FCC concerning militia groups/person
misusing RF and EMF's and exposures where we live on north Georgia it would
take a hard sell for me to believe much the US gov has to say which is true
about anything.
email @ redacted

At 10:40 PM 06/23/2000 -0400, you wrote:
>Melba D Fisher <email @ redacted> wrote:
>> The ADA, The federal Government, and private individual provide millions
>> in grants for research so the companies aren't out much.
>>   Do you know any Drug Reps they make mega bucks, especially compared to
>> most Diabetics
>Melba, it's quite clear to me that you know little about the funding and
research process.  When I get a little more time, I'll post a fairly
extensive message about how research is funded.  Suffice it to say that the
United States government has absolutely nothing to gain by hiding any kind
of cure.  Further, once funds are granted to a research project, the United
States government (representing *YOU*, BTW) has no control over the
progress of the research other than to investigate allegations of breaches
of ethics in that research.  This freedom from direct involvement in the
research is mandated by law.  Approximately 70% of all budgeted health
related funding goes in to grants, cooperative agreements, and contracts.
Most of the research done on diabetes is done in academic settings with
either public funding in the form of government grants, or grants from
other agencies such as the ADA, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundations, the
JDF, etc.  It does *NOT* come from pharmaceutical companies.  
>IOW, when it comes to basic research regarding DM, pharmaceutical
companies are pretty much out of the picture, regardless how much reps make
(very unlikely that it is the "mega bucks" you suggest).
>Please, Melba -- spend some time getting some *facts* before you make
these charges. 
>More on this later.
>Jim Handsfield
>a federal employee very much involved in public health research at the
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
>email @ redacted
>The opinions expressed are mine and do not necessarily reflect those of my
wife who runs this house and makes more important decisions than I do.
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for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org
send a DONATION http://www.Insulin-Pumpers.org/donate.shtml