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[IP] camping with the pump

I'd like to add a couple of camping comments to the ones from Sammi...
We went camping this weekend for the first time since starting the pump.
It was wonderful! Hubby Shane had marshmallows and s'mores and nobody
said "hey you can't have that".  We found him a pair of "board shorts"
with a built in pocket with velcro across the top. It held the pump just
right. We went hiking in the rain and swimming in the freezing cold lake
for several hours and afterwards he was a 107! He had his shirt off in
the water and everyone could see his site. Did he care? NO! Did anyone
else in our group of 20 care? NO! Not even my father who faints just
thinking about needles. Did I stay up all night worrying that he might
have a reaction out in the middle of nowhere? NO! -- I stayed up all
night worrying about the tornado watch we were under ;-)
YAY Pump!
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