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Re: [IP] Young Pumper ?'s

> 1. How often do you find yourselves changing basal rates?  
Only every few weeks EXCEPT, after prolonged strenuous exercise which 
generally requires that Lily lower her basal rates at night by a 
tenth for up to a day. For a soccer game, 5 - 10 hours, for a 
tournament (2 days 4 games) 24 hours. For a cold or flu, basals may 
go up 10 to 50% (occasionally more) or not change at all for the 
duration of the infection. Whether she uses a temp basal rate or make 
a permanent change depends on how long she expects to be at the new 
rate. Usually temp will do.
> 2.  Also - for those day time basals - how do you get the little
> guys to fast?!?!  

With bribes, but you should only have to do this once or twice a year 
at most. It has been my experience that the timing of the basal 
changes don't change, YMMV. Given that, it is pretty easy to tweak a 
single rate up or down a tenth and wait a day or two to see how thing 
work out. 

What are the bribes? For my kid it is a special meal or time with 
mom/dad where they get to pick what to eat and where after the fast.

You can also supplement the fast with no-carb foods like eggs, 
crystal lite, sugarfree jello, etc... to get them through. Only do 
one meal period at a time and wait a day or two before the next one. 
Remember you must duplicate the data to validate the fast, so you 
must do each one at least twice.

> The other major problem we are having is a reaction to the tape
> and/or prep pads.  

You must experiment with all the combinations by doing some skin 
tests. Get samples of all the tapes and all the preps.

set tapes:
PolySkin II

regular tape
3M millpore

Smith & Nephew Skin Prep
Smith & Nephew IV Prep

You can then try one inch squares of the various tapes with/without 
the skin preps and see which his skin will tolerate. There will be 
something that works.
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