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Re: [IP] Fun things.....

> > ..another fun thing I have found
> > is roasted marshmallows over the campfire..the carbs are on the
> > bag!!!!
> Well heck!! don't be so stingy with yourself, go whole hog. All you
> have to do is add the Hershey's bar and the graham cracker and you've
> got the whole thing!! ...mmmmm...... carbs are all on the packages

A great moment from the camping week:  one night when people were piled
around our fire circle & the "snack of the night" was s'mores, I was the
grownup in charge of distributing the ingredients to the kids & overseeing
the process.  Since the things weren't necessarily in their original
packaging, I didn't have carbo listings readily available...hadn't actually
intended to partake, so I didn't really worry much ahead of time about
figuring this out.  Anyway, everyone's got limits to their self-control...I
soon discovered that it's too much to expect of THIS particular diabetic
specimen to hand out oodles of chocolate & marshmallow & graham cracker &
NOT be compelled to create culinary masterpieces for herself as well!  To
make a long & delicious story short, I bolused via the "educated guess"
method, ate my (okay, I admit it - rather generous) portion of s'mores, &
hoped for the best.  Half an hour later:  BS of 115.  Next several checks
(over the next three hours):  130, 122, & 108!  YESSSS!!!  This is the way I
want it to work!  I'm not recommending the "guesstimation" process as a
regular practice...but oh, the feeling when it works!  :)

A Happy Camper,

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