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[IP] Young Pumper ?'s

I haven't had time to read my digests in weeks (!), and apologize up
front if this has been covered recently - but I have some questions for
parents of young pumpers:

1. How often do you find yourselves changing basal rates?  One day
(night) it seems that Brian will go all night in range - then his levels
climb or fall dramatically for a few days, and I change the rates again,
he will be fine for a day or two, and then the levels change again all
over the place!  It is very frustrating.  Some days he appears to need
as much as .4 units an hour between 9 PM and 12M and then we find
ourselves gradually reducing the rate to .1 - and this is just one basal
rate.  We find
that many of his rates seem to need frequent adjusting.  We never adjust
more than one at a time - and we always wait a few days to detect a

2.  Also - for those day time basals - how do you get the little guys to
fast?!?!  I have only done it a few times - and it is such a battle, and
again we get different results ALL the time.  Don't get me wrong -
Brian's control is much better on the pump - and I love it - but this
part is really difficult.

3.  The other major problem we are having is a reaction to the tape
and/or prep pads.  The first month on the pump - no problem, and we were
changing sites every 48 hours per our endo.  Then he started to develop
very rough, dry, scaly, red patches 24 hours after removing tape from an
old site.  This has become a real issue because the only place Brian has
any padding and can tolerate infusion sets is in his tiny little bum.
We are quickly running out of space there with the skin irritation.
We have tried other types of tape that seem to cut down on the
irritation -but they don't stick worth a darn - and we have had the last
two literally fall out a after a few hours.  We are now trying to change
sites every three days to give the skin a chance to heal - are also
trying a variety of creams to alleviate the problem...  I'm very
grateful for any comments/suggestions!!

Thanks, Laurie, mom to Brian age 4, dxd 12-98, pumping since 4/99 and
Keith age 7

PS...A couple good things - Brian's A1c dropped 2 points to 8.6 after 3
months on the pump.  Also, he is going to be the first patient on the
CGMS in the Reno area (where our endo is).  We are going over on July 11
to have it installed.  I can't wait to see what it tells us!

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