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Re: [IP] Lente-Ultra Lente

>> So does that mean Nathan should not be having Regular and Ultralente in the
>> same syringe?

IMO, If you are currently mixing it and not having trouble with it, then
you are fine. In fact, I would NOT change it. I was not able to mix Regular
and Lente with my son though. We had dramatically different results when
we mixed and when we gave the injections to separate sites. However,
the results with each method were always consistent. I called and spoke
with Lily about our results. They said that the "binding" that occurred
was fairly consistent. So I think it is very important to either always
mix, or never mix your Lente/Ultralente with Regular. 

Note we have not seen major differences with mixing Regular and NPH or Humolog 
and Lente. But our results with mixing Regular/Lente were so extreme: it would 
delay the onset of the regular and shorten the duration of the Lente. We used 
to end up with ketones in the morning when we mixed his nighttime doses. We 
now do a separate bedtime Lente dose.

Mom to Celia (6) and Ryan (3, dx'd 2/9/00, hopefully pumping soon!)

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