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[IP] work and diabetes issue--setting the record straight!!

> Post made by Todd on Maureen's problem:
> I would suggest that instead of suing, you 1) talk to the woman who
> spread this information and 2) ask for her to make a correction
> statement to the folks she spoke with (or give you an opportunity to
> explain why you are leaving in a public meeting).
> Since you are leaving anyway (you weren't fired), why bother to get
> lawyers involved and have all that hassle? I would agree that it would
> be good to get the misinformation corrected, but that's all. In my
> thinking, life is too short to worry about suing everyone that acts
> foolishly--and it only makes us get more upset, etc., etc.
> Let it go (after meeting with the woman), and put your energies into
> your new position. That's what I would suggest, anyway.
> Thanks.
> Todd<<<<<<
> ,
> She stated in her original post why she was concerned about the situation.
> She stated that because of the relatively small amount of women in her
> career and the small amount of jobs available she may be penalized later
> down the road by what someone may have been told or heard about her.
> I do think she needs to try and set the record start with her boss and if
> that doesn't work she should then contact a lawyer .  I would also have
> talk in the presence of someone else in case the lawyers do need to get
> involved.  Then it's not a she said she said battle.
> Sheila


Not only that, but letting it go without the record being clearly set
straight leaves those who were given this misinformation with what they
believe to be accurate information about the danger/unreliability of using a
pump.  As someone who is known locally as the "pump evangelist" (for very
actively working to spread the word about the positive effects of this
marvelous little machine), I have become very aware of the power of the
spoken word.  That kind of misinformation, left uncorrected, may cause
others to disuade friends/family members from looking into pumping as an
option, because they "know" how it failed a colleage.  By insuring that
those who were lied to have been offered the truth (via meeting or
lawsuit...whatever it takes), this kind of thing can be prevented.

PLEASE fight the good fight, & make sure that those who were misinformed are
indeed enlightened as to the true nature of the leaving - for THEIR sake, &
the sake of their loved ones who may one day need pumping information that
your case may open the door to.


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