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[IP] I'm back! (camping trip)

>From two days of camping and seven hours of whitewater rafting!  I
started the adventure at 126 and ended at 126!  Okay, that was luck.  We
stopped for lunch halfway through and I bolused for about 50% of what I
needed in anticipation of harder water ahead (morning was class I and
II, afternoon III-V's) and suspended.  I did hit a peak of 305 but knew
I needed the energy for later and would not be able to stop to test or
eat very easily once we got going.  Overall I was happy with the way it
worked out. 

The sportguard worked perfectly but was annoying when you were trying to
climb back into the boat!  My site stayed on all day (and is still there
now!) and I was in and out all day (no, I didn't FALL out, I kept
swimming 'cause I was hot :P).

The trip was infinitely easier with a pump!  

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