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Re: [IP] Lente-Ultra Lente

<part of original posts>
<So does that mean Nathan should not be having Regular and Ultralente in
the same syringe?

> Thev primary reason for the caution about mixing Lente or Ultra Lente
was  that the protein that they added to Lente or Ultra Lente was
protamine, The same that they add to NPH (Neutral Protamine Hagedorn)
insulin, except NPH has only enough protamine added and no excess (Hence
Neutral) left to react with other insulin that you add, so the time
spectrum is not disturbed (so to speak) Adding Insulin to Lente or
semilente changes its onset of action>

Hi Kristin,

When I was on MDI, I regularly mixed Ultralente and Regular (later
Ultralente and Lispro) in the same syringe. I also regularly mixed Lente
and Regular/Lispro in the same syringe. I had no problems. The
Ultralente/Lente slightly delays the onset of the Regular/Lispro, but in
my case, not by much. When my blood sugars were high before a meal (say,
breakfast, when I would combine Ultralente and Regular), then I would
use separate syringes, because I wanted the Regular to work as fast as
possible. But otherwise I didn't worry about it.

Of course, now that I'm on the pump, I am delighted that I no longer
have to think about Ultralente or Lente!

Hope this helps!


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