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[IP] Silver ribbon/Rainbow ribbon

I scrolled down quite a bit & didn't find any specific responses to this
one, so I thought I'd offer a bit of info...if it's already posted please
forgive me - & for any other replies I may duplicate in the "catching up
with the mail" process!

email @ redacted writes:

> how about using rainbow colors ribbions . just a ideal

Rainbow ribbons are utilized by some individuals & organizations to promote
awareness/support of the rights of homosexuals.  (The usual insignia is a
triangle, but I've seen this done as a ribbon-wearing campaign as well.)
While I don't think any group/cause has a copyrighted "ownership" of a
particular color (I could be wrong here, so don't quote me on that), some
are very well-established & "spoken for" in that manner.  It makes a lot of
sense to go with the one that has already been chosen & backed by a major
organization & is beginning to gain recognition as the logo for Diabetes
Awareness, rather than to initiate something else...especially if that
"something else" may indicate to the world that you are supporting another
cause altogether, one that you may or may not wish to support.

***This informational moment brought to you by a pink-ribbon wearer who
fully supports the rainbow campaign as well!  :)  ***


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