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[IP] I'm back, with a serious request


We have returned from nine glorious days of primative camping (which was
WONDERFUL!!!) & now I'm looking at catching up on nine days worth of
pumpmail!  At the risk of being considered "nettiquette police", I'd like to
send out a request/reminder that might be found helpful to many more than
just myself, if I may.

When  reply to something & a distinct change of subject occurs, please
change the subject line to reflect this.  For example, the one I picked
right now to respond to is titled "Re: (IP) was high bg saga, now fast
food"...but the actual content is a question about where in the state of
Kentucky someone is located.  I am ordinarily the kind of person that reads
all postings, so this kind of thing doesn't tend to be a problem...but not
everyone is.  Since some folks have a very busy life & may not have the time
to read each & every posting, it is VERY helpful to them if the title
actually identifies the content - that way they can make sure they DO get to
read/respond to the issues that interest or directly concern them, & they
can delete the ones that have nothing whatsoever to do with them.  For
instance, I might delete those seeking out pumpers in a particular locale
that is far from me (Iowa, Florida, etc.), & those dealing with, say,
setting basals for children, as I am not a parent.  Please make this
quantity of mail easier to manage for all receivers by clarifying your
subject line, if need be.  Also, if you get the digest, please help us out
by GIVING a subject line.  This morning, as I was sorting the
seven-hundred-some e-mails into a more managable less-than-four-hundred, I
tried to keep all that have subject lines that seem to pertain to me...due
to sheer quantity, those entitled "Re: digest #272(?)"  & those with no
title at all sadly went to the dumpster.  I hope I didn't miss too many
valuable pieces of info simply due to the practical concern of needing to
clean house & not knowing by their labels that they might be important!

I (& potentially many others) thank you for taking the time to look at the
title of what you send.  Also, thanks so much to those who offered advice on
what to take with me on this adventure...& forgive me in the next day or so
if some of my replies seem a day late or a dollar short as I respond to the
"kept mail" in & amongst the joy of cleaning up the aftermath & recovering
from vacation!!


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