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[IP] Try a little compassion

	 RE: the unappreciated lecture...while I am sure it irritated the
H--- out of you, give the woman benefit of doubt in that her intentions were
caring.   She has not walked a mile in your shoes, and neither have you
walked a mile in hers.  Maybe her uncle or father had diabetes and she was
passing the information she had, which was good advice 25 - 30 years ago.
Maybe, like 99% of the people I come in contact with, she knew nothing of
the pump.   I mean, yeah, it was irritating, but her intentions were good.
Next time maybe you could just say, honestly kindly, not sarcastic kind,
"Thank You" and let it roll off your back.  Compassion will feel better than
hate.  Or if you feel strongly about her not being "up to date".  Sit down
and show her your pump, explain how it works, how it has freed up your life,
how it allows you to eat "normally", etc.  Then she won't give that lecture
to someone else.  Again, show a little compassion.  
	Just my opinion, of course.

	Bonnie Richardson

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