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[IP] all growed?

Sara G. VBG - (VERY BAD GIRL) wrote
>  promises to be good now that she's THIS MANY *holds-up-
>  23-fingers*) 'n I gunna be twenny-fore necks mont!  I gunna 
> be all  growed up!

ahm gunnooo be more'n that tahmarrah.... and ah ain't even close ta bean 
grow'd up...

I saw Nita H and Tom today in Houston...Lisa had a whiney kid so she couldn't 
make it, but we had a good fun time anyway...and we even had a few comers for 
the chat last night...

I love vacation.  I ate toast and grapes and strawberries and hcocolate chip 
cookes and french pastry with spinach and cheese adn lots of bread AND sushi 
today...my bg is 124.  

as for the march on washington....was this started by my RISE UP BROTHERS AND 
SISTERS post a few weeks ago?  I will gladly join in on any march...as long 
as we get ben and jerry;s to sponsor us.  Hell they sold out to some big 
chain...they cann afford to help us!

SB Sara SP
Sun Burnt Sara Smartie Pants who is happy as hell in Houston
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