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Re: [IP] Lente-Ultra Lente

So does that mean Nathan should not be having Regular and Ultralente in the
same syringe?

> Thev primary reason for the caution about mixing Lente or Ultra Lente was
> that the protein that they added to Lente or Ultra Lente was protamine,
> same that they add to NPH (Neutral Protamine Hagedorn) insulin, except NPH
> has only enough protamine added and no excess (Hence Neutral) left to
> with other insulin that you add, so the time spectrum is not disturbed (so
> to speak) Adding Insulin to Lente or semilente changes its onset of action
> and brings out the caution that Lilly adds to every product circular "do
> not mix insulins or change the type unless specifically told to do so"
> phrase is probably required by Federal law.

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