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Re: [IP] School... Ugh.

Lauren Lanning wrote:

> Have any of you put together an info packet for your Young
> Pumper's teachers and nurses??  I've searched around the web
> and have come up empty handed....

Lauren:  My son is now 14, but last year he began pumping in July and when
school began in September I took a "canned" packet from insulin-pumpers and
tailored it for our needs.  I would be happy to email it to you privately
(it is a Word document) rather than posting it here.  The original packet
on the 'Net was about 8 pages long, I was able to edit it down to about 4
pages, and personalized it for Steve as well.  He was a bit embarassed by
the whole thing - said it was "overkill" - but his teachers all read it and
told me that it was very helpful.

It might be a starting point for you to do your own letter.  I called it
"The Care and Feeding of Steven Tarca".

Mom to Steve, dxed at age 5, pumping at age 13
Starting High School in September!

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