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[IP] Re: substitute for 'nite bites'

I know this was a few weeks ago, but....I haven't checked my mail for
over 2 weeks because we've been in the process of unpacking after moving
into our new house. Yeah!

Anyway, cornstarch does work. It takes a long time to digest so it slows
down the release of glucose into the bloodstream. Lately though, we've
been giving JayJay pudding before bed. Not the fat-free stuff, the good
stuff. The fat content slows the glucose absorption down and it lasts
from 9pm until 7am, when I get him up for breakfast. Tastes better than
Nite Bites, too. It works well for us.


Mom to JayJay
born 2/13/98, dx'd 1/31/99
...sweet as ever

and Sadie, 8 months old, not D

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