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Re: [IP] Insulin bumps and lumps

To Andrew Bender, MD

About that Texas cousin of yours that wants the old insulin back.  Is she/he 
going to someone for the extreme mental problems?  When I tell newbies (those 
with diabetes less than 15 years) about those awful HOT, ITCHY lumps from the 
insulin.  Or the fact that there was not U100 insulin in those days.  In 1973 
my pediatrician put me on a single dose of 70 units of NPH and 15 units of 
Regular.  DAH, I still required TWO shots since I was to take 5 units more 
than could be put into the largest syringe at the time.  I also crashed 
everyday at 3:30 to 4:30 PM.  Of course we didn't know that because we were 
only urine testing.  The only good thing, I did gain in five months the 
thirty pounds I needed to mature.  Being 92 lbs 5'5" and almost 14, I was a 
toothpick.  I love my pump (been on one 16 yrs), Carb counting (a skill I 
have learned in the last year), and am finally starting to iron out boluses 
with Humalog (using split and dual wave boluses more, depending on food).

Funny thing, I now rarely take 50 units of insulin in a day, much less 85 in 
one HYPO shot each morning.

Guess this means, to each there own, everyone has a right to their opinion, 
but I would seriously question if your cousin in Texas needed some help.  LOL

Carole H.

Carole H. 
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