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[IP] JDF Denver Gala...

Hi Everyone,

    Last night I attended the JDF Gala here in Denver. It was incredible.
The experience was amazing. One family alone, Mr. & Mrs.Knowling donated 1
million dollars. They have a son with Juvenile Diabetes. Others there just
laid down 25K without blinking an eye. The meals were 150  plate and most of
that price went to JDF. The people there were all very wealthy and giving
individuals. They were wonderful people! I met a few Diabetics, but not too
many were there. During dinner they asked the Diabetics to stand and about
20 out of 350 people stood. Then they asked those of us to stand who were
affected by diabetes, family or other and EVERYONE stood. A beautiful moment
to show the need for the cure.

    Lots of emotions and a lot of stories about living with Diabetes. They
mainly focused on the children, because as we all know most people will open
up their wallets to a child before an adult!!!! Anyhow, I know besides the 1
million donated, $530K was raised within an hour and before my very own
eyes!! A lot of it was an auction that companies had donated things
for...for example an item that would cost you 1K, people paid 5K for!! Just
because they knew it went to JDF. Also, the item usually was something they
had no clue what to do with!!

    I enjoyed myself. I met two nice men with diabetes. Also, a spouse to
one, where I listened to what all of the wonderful family members of
diabetics go through.

    As one man with Diabetes mentioned about family and friends to
Diabetics...............was that you ALL deserve gold metals!!!

Hugs and Smiles to all!
15 years Juvenile Diabetic, 7 months pumping with "Hope"

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