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Re: [IP] (no subject)

This is what I know from a reliable source.  JDFI was a key contributor to 
the funding of the Edmonton project.  They have recently allocated more money 
to Edmonton to keep this project going. They have also identified seed money 
for establishing at least 8 more centers around the US to do the same type 
research that Edmonton did.  What happened at Edmonton really is a big deal; 
not just something that is being hyped by the press.
In layman's terms, Edmonton took a small group (around 12 individuals) of 
Type 1 diabetics aged 32-57 who were having serious problems with their 
diabetes; lots of bad lows and other issues.  They used a painless procedure 
that thread islet cells into their abdomens.  The cells started working 
immediately and they have produced normal sugars in every individual (except 
one I think) since being transplanted 18 months ago.  The best part is that 
these individuals were put on a steroid free immunosuppresant program.  They 
believe that these drugs are much gentler on the body than the typical drugs 
organ transplant patients receive.  Many challenges still remain; where to 
get islet cells to serve the full diabetic population, how long will the 
transplanted islet cells produce insulin, what are the long term effects of 
the steroid free drugs, etc.  So while this is not something that your 
average diabetic will benefit from tomorrow, to think of this type of 
advancement being available as early as 10 years from now, turns me on beyond 
belief.  Sadly, this doesn't do much to help older diabetics.  However, it is 
exciting news for parents. 
If I have any of my facts incorrect, let me know (as I'm sure the group 
will)!  Also, do not contact JDF to find out how to be a guinea pig in an 
upcoming trial.  They don't operate the research centers and do not make 
these kinds of decisions.
The way you can help is to donate your time and money to your local JDF 
chapter (after you have made your fair donation to Insulin Pumpers).  
Volunteer and fundraise as much as you can.  We are closer to a cure than 
ever; but it will take more money and effort.
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