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[IP] Chip flavor...

Today I went to the grocery store with my mom and two
brothers.  We were in the chip aisle argueing over
what flavor of chips we should get (wound up getting
two bags).  There was a guy stocking the shelves, and
after a minute of standing there debating flavors of
potato chips, he starts looking at me and smiling.  I
look at him and think, I don't know him.  Did the
little boys say something humorous?  Do we sound THAT
ridiculus arguing about the flavor of our potato
chips?  My mom is thinking, does Maureen know him? 
No, is he flirting with her in front of her mom and
two little brothers?!?!  He then asked me if I like my
pump.  Ahhh ha!  I said I love mine, and quickly look
at his waist line... no pump.  He sees my glance and
says he is in the process of getting one.  He said
that he noticed mine and knew for sure it was a pump
because of my tubing hanging even though part of the
pump was covered.  LOL.  He said he was nervous about
starting.  I told him that pumping is great and that
it doesn't hurt at all.  He said that is what is
making him nervous.  I said it is great not to have to
have so many shots anymore.  By this point, my family
had agreed on potato chips (and I even got the flavor
I was voting on, even though I wasn't participating in
the end of the debate!) and was moving on.  I seem to
run into more and more people who are pumpers, know
pumpers, or are going-to-be pumpers.  Yesterday I was
at a wedding and met another pumper.

Just had to share
Maureen and Jude

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