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Re: [IP] Re: Cure for diabetes

As one who is and has beeen directly involved with basic academic  research
for many years, I  an assure anyone who asks that there is no attempt by
anyone to cover up any potential cures for any disease.  People who don't
understand the complexities often look for too easy answers, and this leads
to conspiracy nuts.  But the fact is that a true cure for diabetes is a
real possibility that we can look forward to, maybe within as short a time
as 10 years.  Keep the faith.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>I have to believe that the original poster for this
was doing a troll.  And it appears to have worked.
Occasionally trolls have been tried to be started for
'which pump is best' (although most of those questions are
sincere), which has not worked as well lately, as most
believe (as I do) that any pump is better than none, all
are excellent and there are personal preferences.

I believe that others on this list (perhaps Jim?) could
answer this better than I.  Are all of the researchers,
scientists, technicians, etc. in the business of finding a
cure, only in it for money.  I couldn't imagine that
someone who's career had a clear goal and could have their
name immortalized would cover up finding a cure.  In fact
I believe that many, if not most, would live in a
cardboard box if they could make this type of contribution
to society.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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