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[IP] School... Ugh.

Hi All,

Monica starts public school this year.  We were fortunate to
have her in a private kindergarten this year with only four
kids.  There wasn't a nurse there, but that was ok.  The
teacher learned everything.   They let Monica do everything
right in class.  The other kids became "experts" and it was
never an issue.

Now, welcome to the REAL world.... Back in May, I went to
Monica's new school and met with the nurse.  It's a tiny
school, maybe 200 kids, just Kindergarten and 1st grade.
They have never had a kid with diabetes before.  She seemed
very open and agreeable to everything I was saying and said
she was going to read up on it.  I went back in last week,
with Monica,  and talked to her again.  When she saw
Monica's pump and the "tubing" she got VERY nervous.  She
started with "She can't do gym class, can she?", when I said
of course she could.  Then she said "But nothing with any
contact, right?", and I replied how she wrestles on the
ground with the boys on the street, and it is not a
problem.  She looked at me like I was insane and requested a
note from my Dr. stating that it was ok for Monica to
participate in Recess and Gym.

Have any of you put together an info packet for your Young
Pumper's teachers and nurses??  I've searched around the web
and have come up empty handed....

Sorry if this is beating a dead horse, I *try* to keep up
with all the mail...., please feel free to email me

Mom of Monica, 6, dx 8/96, pumping (and loving it!) 5/4/00,
and Sarah, 4

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