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[IP] just received Pumping Insulin today -

 I just received this book and went straight to the children and teens 
chapter. I read through it quickly and need to read it again with a magnfying 
glass, but on first glance  I'm less than thrilled with this chapter. I think 
they (Barb Schreiner and Shannon Brow) completely miss the point that PUMP 
THERAPY IMPROVES QUALITY OF LIFE.   Anyone else have an opinion about this 

I hope no one will present the following to their child as the first thought 
about pumping as I was really taken aback by the inclusion of "Dr. Stephen W. 
Ponder's anaology" on page 183: "Think about the pump like your family  dog 
on a leash.  Imagine bringing your dog on the leash along as you take a bath, 
eat out at restaurants, or when you play your championship soccer game.  
Imagine sleeping with your dog on a leash in your bed!  Imagine taking the 
leashed dog to school, being around your friends, and taking him on a date 
with you.  If you think you can do this for three days, you probably have an 
idea what it would be like to have an insulin pump connected to your body 24 
hours a day, 7 days a week!"

My 12 year old son's response to the above paragraph:  "That is such bs! You 
can silence the pump, you can hide it on a date.  A leashed dog tries to 
break away and is annoying.  An insulin pump is connected and has no emotion 
whatsoever.  Is your pancreas a leashed dog? This is almost a pancreas.  Does 
that doctor really know anything about kids on the pump? Sounds like he 

There was also an example of a child who is forgetful, so rather than have 
the child (forget to) bolus with snacks during the day, they incorporate the 
basal insulin to cover the snack.  My question is, WHAT IF HE FORGETS TO EAT 
THE SNACK??????? 

I'll go reread the chapter now.  

Ellen H. Ullman
Mom, Advocate for children with diabetes and their parents, Friend, 
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