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Re: [IP] I REALLY liked the new D-TRON!

> Thanks Carolyn,  I've been very pleased with my son's HTronV100 for
> the past 5 years and now that the time is drawing near to upgrade, I
> appreciate hearing this information. (Of course if it was a 2 pump
> DTron deal, I would have NO QUESTION about ordering the upgrade
> today!  )

I would not worry about having only one pump. Lily has had just one 
MM for almost 6 years now, and yes there have been a couple of times 
when she managed to kill it, even one over a 3 day weekend, but it 
was not any big deal. She shot her bolus and basal insulin into the 
QR fitting on her set and went about life as before (regular for 
basal, H for bolus, basal first). If you are happy with your 
Disetronic pump now, having only one Dtron should not deter you from 
staying with a company that has serviced you well and with whom you 
are comfortable. Bear in mind that all the pumps are great pieces of 
equipment with fine companies behind them. I am not endorsing one 
pump or another, just trying to help you overcome any worrys you 
might have about what to do if you need a backup in case of failure.
It simply is not a big deal. The pump companies will air express a 
loaner to you overnight except on Sunday or a holiday. Even then the 
need to use a syringe to cover basal and bolus needs is very 

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