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[IP] Brynn's basal rates

A lot of pumpers note that as they've been on the pump for a while, their
insuliln needs decrease.  And kids grow, and get sick, and lots of other
things that introduce a lot of variables into their basal needs.  But if the
sugars you wrote about are a "typical routine," then he just needs a lower
basal rate for the time period.  Essentially, you have done a fasting test,
since he's only eating what it takes to keep him from being hypoglycemic,
and aren't bolusing during the night.  You didn't say what his basal rates
were at those time periods.  My daughter (now 11) needs the least insulin
from MN-3 am - looks like that was when Brynn had his biggest drop also.
So, I don't think anything "abnormal" is going on with Brynn, just that you
need to adjust his basal rates downward at night.

Nancy Morgan

PS - and as for the pump running smoothly .... I think it's more a matter of
how comfortable you feel with it.  At first, when I was very unsure of
myself, and pumping, and diabetes in general, I used to go all to pieces
when Jenna's sugar was 500.  Now, when we get one that's out of line, it
doesn't faze me, I just run through the check list (well worn list, it is)
and figure out what the problem is.  So, it's not that we don't still have
wacky numbers, it's just my perspective on the wacky numbers that has

<<I can't trust the pump at
night, ...Lately he's been running very low. At 9pm
he was 82, gave 11 carbs, at 10pm was still 82, at 12am was 71 gave 12
carbs, at 3am was 59, gave 17 carbs and now at 8am he is 162. ( This is
a typical routine)  My  concern is that his basal rates are not correct.
His nurse educator did spend 6 wks fine tuning the basal rates with
2/day inputs, but we never did any "fasting".>>

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