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[IP] School & D

Kap is in the 4th grade - going into 5th -
State writing test was givien March 2nd - he went on live with pump on Jan 12.
Needless to say we were still learning how his body on the pump when he took 
the State Writing test - "test given by school, then forwarded to a group to 
read then again to another group to read and score.  Kap made a 2.5 meaning - 
1 group scored his writing at a 3 and the other at a 2.  A 3 is passing.
He went to the writing institute for this reason for a week and to retake the 
Kap has an IEP which states he is to test for 20 minutes - break for 10 and 
begin again.  And continue this method until he finishes.
Writing for long periods of time will drop Kap's bgs - just like running does.
I was asked to be at school to test and monitor his bgs since they were not 
familiar w/ D.  Of course - I went.
Testing stated at 8:30 - and at 10:10 - he came out low. 56 bgs
For children w/o IEP - they were given breaks, but children with IEP were not 
even allowed the normal break.  Much less more breaks.
I called the school and voiced my complaint and followed up with a letter.  
Their only solution was for Kap to take the test again.  But this will not 
happen.  If is was math or a subject that was not so subjective, I would 
agree for him to re-take the test, but writing is too subjective.  
I asked the VP to look at his writing, she stated there were 3 different hand 
writing styles.  He started the test with 211 and finished w/ 56 bgs.  
My question is why have IEPs if they are not followed/enfocred.  
The end result of this lastest event with school is to write in his IEP at 
the beginning of school year to waiver the 5th grade writing test.  
He may have passed the test - results will be back in Sept, but that is not 
the point, the school put his health at risk.  
I stood outside the door - pointing to my watch for an hour.  With the 
teacher giving me the OK sign.  Well, everything was not OK and never will be 
Thank you letting me vent!
I will be at every test session that he has until graduate from medical 
school if that is what it takes and I will also, stop the session next time.
Living and Learning!
Dalrene - Mom to Kap - age 9 pumping
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