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Re: [IP] re: scar tissue

In a message dated 6/24/00 6:48:44 AM US Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Anyway he
 mentioned that he has so much scar tissue he doesn't have a site left
 without any.  Can anyone explain more in detail?  Does that mean it is
 harder for the insulin to be absorbed?  Is it more painful to insert? I know
 he meant on the inside of the body,  but does it have any affect on the
 outside?  >>

The scar tissue is under the skin and makes the skin appear bumpy and hard to 
the touch.  I have this kind of scar tissue on my belly below my belly button 
because I gave injections there for my first 16 yrs of dm.  Used up to 6 
shots a day on MDI.  When I insert a set in that area I don't get as good of 
absorbtion of the insulin than if I use a spot that hasn't had that kind of 

There are plenty of other sites that I haven't exhausted though.  I can use 
my butt, thighs, upper abdomen, upper arms, and some even use their breasts.  
Using sils you can go more places comfortably and only need to insert at a 
slight angle under the skin, i.e., you can insert in places without much fat, 
which is a plus in small kids.

Also, your cousin may have had to use larger guage needles than we use now if 
he has been diabetic for may years, and they would cause worse scaring.  
Sounds like he would benefit from joining the list too.

Good luck,
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