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Re: RE[IP] Cure for diabetes

Although I agree with what you say about the research and how it is typically 
funded, I think you were a little hard on Melba.  Matter of fact, you were 
also very hard on me a few months ago when I made a posting about an abusive 
comment from a neighbor.  Instead of saying something supportive like "Yea, 
she shouldn't have said that," you suggested that I analyze my own issues.  
My point is that people should be able to speak freely in this group.  
Venting is a key benefit to reading and posting e-mails.  And when people 
vent, they are looking for support.  Emotions, inaccurate opinions, typos, 
misspellings, bad grammar -- it is all allowed.  If you want to disagree or 
clarify (again, I agree with you on the research issue), that is fine.  But 
watch the delivery and be more gentle.  It is not always necessary to do 
research before opening our mouths.  We are among friends.
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