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[IP] Re: to Linda Culumovic or other MM508 users

Our 3 yr old Brynn has been on the pump for 3 months. I am totally sold
on it, but it has not been a cake walk for us. I can't trust the pump at
night, usually wake 2-3 times. Lately he's been running very low. At 9pm
he was 82, gave 11 carbs, at 10pm was still 82, at 12am was 71 gave 12
carbs, at 3am was 59, gave 17 carbs and now at 8am he is 162. ( This is
a typical routine)  My  concern is that his basal rates are not correct.
His nurse educator did spend 6 wks fine tuning the basal rates with
2/day inputs, but we never did any "fasting". I have all these daily
logs and keep thinking that this information could probably be doing me
some good but don't know enough to interpret it. I have slightly
adjusted his AM basal rates with good results but I haven't been able to
nail the PM rates. 
I read how smoothly the pump is running for several of you, is it
Brynn's age that makes it more difficult right now? He weighs 45 lbs, 43
inches tall, his 3 rates vary from .2 to .6. His unit to carb ratio is
40 and target bg is 140, 1 unit humalog lowers his bg 110 points.
Teresa mom to Brynn dxd 5/23/99 pumping 3 mos

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