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[IP] Re: Doing too much for my son

Hi list I have not posted in a long time just been going along on our own 
without the doctors. Anyway I am still here reading all the time. Ryan has 
been lately not testing unless I tell him to and he forgets to bolus.Then he 
went golfing and had a low and had nothing with him because mom was not 
there who allways has something for lows. Any way the thing is I got the 
comment that if I did not do everything for him he would remember to do it 
himself. I was told I do too much it is time he learnt how. He is 11 yrs old 
and he does know how because he has done great when I am not around so he is 
capable. I just figure he has the rest of his life to do this so I will help 
out now while he is at home to take some of the burden because I even get 
sick and tired of telling him to test and to bolus and weighing food etc. so 
I can imagine how he would feel if he was doing it all. Any way I am going  
on and on  do I do too much should I be doing less for him and  make him 
remember to do these things.
Any comments would be appreciated. Thank you  Lori
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