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[IP] Adult Camp

I found this a few years ago when I was looking to see if Camp Whispering 
Pines still existed.  Looks like fun, but a lot of money!!!

Dear Friends,
        I have just finished negotiations for Camp DAVI 2000.  The Dates
will be August 1-8,2000.
        Camp DAVI(Diabetes Association of the Virgin Islands), adventure
and watersports camp for adults with Diabetes 17 and up, will be in St.
John, Virgin Islands.  The first adventure camp to incorporate SCUBA diving
along with hiking, running, sailing, windsurfing, sea kayaking, and
snorkeling for adults young and old with Diabetes.  With all our
activities, and the importance of good blood glucose control, we end up
doing 12-15 blood test per day for each person.  In doing this we learn how
knowing what you blood sugar is AND where it is going can really give you
the freedom to do things safely that you could not otherwise.  In the
evenings we have education and discussions.  We have a wonderful medical
staff of fellow IDAA member and site doctor Doren Fredrickson from the
Kansas University School of Medicine and Phd nurse Becky Winsett from the
University of Tennessee MedicalSchool.  We share our statistics with Divers
Alert Network(DAN) who has taken a keen interest in our cause and have
started their own research project following our lead.
        The setting of the camp is at the Virgin Islands Environmental
Resource Station at Lamshur Bay, St. John.  It is a beautiful, isolated
spot.  The site is rustic with simple cabins and a small cafeteria.  The
site is within the borders of a national park and is a very pristine area.
        Our typical day starts with beakfast at 7 AM.  Then we do an
aerobic activity of choice for 30-45 minutes.  We then meet for a morning
activity(SCUBA diving, sailing, hiking, etc.).  Lunch is at noon then we
have an afternoon activity(SCUBA diving, sailing, hiking, etc.).  Dinner is
at 6 PM and after dinner we walk to the boat for evening discussions.  The
discussions can be wide ranging and a lot is learned from medical personell
and from all participants.
        The cost for the week is just $900 including food, lodging and all
gear.  Dive certification is available upon request and review at an
additional cost of
$250.  Applicants should be in good control of their Diabetes, be able to
easily recognize and treat hypoglycemia, understand the relationship
between Diabetes and exercise, and be ready to do a lot of blood tests.  I
will accept a maximum of only 15 persons in order to keep the quality of
instruction and safety at a premium.
        To experience Camp DAVI you should already have a good
understanding of your Diabetes and how it relates to excercise.  Your
Diabetes should be under good control and you should be able to be active.

        For more information or an application by mail for Camp DAVI please
e-mail me.  Please print out the application below if you are able and send
it in with your 50% deposit.  If you need help with travel plans I use
Suzanne Hollub at Caribbean Travel Network.  Her toll free # is
        As we all know we can do anything we want to, we just need to just
keep at if we really want it and take care of our Diabetes correctly.
        Happy and safe diving and adventuring to you.
                                                Steve P.

                Camp DAVI 2000 application form, August 1-8, 2000:

Name:________________________________________   Phone(H):____________________

Address:_____________________________________        (W):____________________


_____________________________________________   E-mail:______________________

Emergency contact person:___________________________ Phone:_________________


Age:_________   Date of Birth:______________    Age of Diabetes onset:________

Name of present physician:__________________________  Phone:__________________

Type(s) of insulin used:____________________________________

Insulin schedule (basal, bolus and total average daily dose for pump users):

        AM:___________  Noon:___________  PM:__________  Bed:__________

Do you rotate you sites:_______  Where:__________________________

Date and results of most recent Hemaglobin A1c Test:__________________________

*Please have one(H A1c) done within six weeks of camp and bring a copy of

How many insulin reactions have you had in the past 18 months:

Mild:_________  Moderate:__________  Severe(needed assistance):____________

Can you recognize and treat your insulin reactions?___________

What are the signs and symptoms of your 

What do you normally eat for a reaction?________________________________

Do you wake up if a reaction occurs while sleeping?__________________

How many times/day do you check your blood sugar?__________________

What do you use to check your blood sugar?_____________________

Do you record you blood sugars?____________

Are you able to adjust your insulin?____________

What type of diet are you on?____________________________

Do you have any secondary complications from Diabetes(eye, kidney, 




Are you on any other medications?___________Please explain any other health

problems(physical or mental) or social problems you have or had:





What are you favorite activities?


Can you swim and are you comfortable in the water?_______________

Have you been snorkeling________ SCUBA diving_______ Small boat 

Windsurfing_______ Kayaking________

Does Diabetes hinder you in anyway from activities you would like to

partake in?______

If so what?


Please share your ideas of what you wish to get out of the camp:




I wish to enroll in Camp Davi for tthe summer 2000 session.  I wish to partake

in all camp activities unless specified by a physician.  I give permission for

the camp physician to supervise my medical care a provide emergency treatment

and/or hospitalization if deemed necessary by the camp physician while at the


signature of participant

signature of parent or guardian if under 18

The cost of Camp DAVI 2000 is $900 including room, board and all activities

except SCUBA certification.  SCUBA resort dives and lessons are included as 

dives for those already certified.  Please send in a 50% deposit by June 15,

2000 to:

                Steve Prosterman

                Camp DAVI

                PO Box 305511

                St. Thomas, VI    00803

Stephen A. Prosterman                                  Office:340 693-1399
Diving Supervisor/Captain                              Fax:   340 693-1385
University of the Virgin Islands                                              
email @ redacted

St. Thomas, V.I. 00802

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