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[IP] I REALLY liked the new D-TRON!

Hi Everyone!
 I had an opportunity yesterday to go to the Endo 2000
conference in Toronto and see the new D-Tron pump
(hands on!) and talk to Chris Newman about it.
 The shape was different but ends up being only
slightly longer than the H-Tron when you compare the
total length of the two pumps including the luer lock
on the infusion set that sticks out on the H-Tron. I
like the fact that it is thinner. I think the slim
tapered design will adapt well with clothing. 
 The buttons on it are NOT flat! They have a raised
edge all the way around each button and the up button
also has a nipple on it to distinguish it from the
down button. So, they can be felt through clothing to
do a bolus. Everything on the pump is done pressing
one of the buttons at a time so you only need one
 I found it very easy to use. I liked the fact that
you have 5 different bolus choices. Also I am looking
forward to the two different daily basal rates that
can be programmed in.
 One of the greatest features is the way you put a new
cartridge in. You just drop the new cartridge in,
whether it is a cartridge you have filled yourself or
better yet, a pre-filled cartridge. Then you just
attach the cartridge adapter then go to the prime
screen and prime...so EASY!!
 The motor is even quieter than the H-Tron. You can
adjust your bolus increments yourself (.1,.2,.5 or
 The new safety features are reassuring. In fact I
like lots of the new features such as the vibration
mode, adjustable volume, temporary basal rate
increases and decreases over 24 hours. The ability to
download information to your computer is a real plus.
 The old feature of being waterproof still holds true
with the D-Tron and you don't need to use the little
red adapter like on the H-Tron.
 The power went out for a few minutes during the
conference and it was pitch black. What a perfect
opportunity to check out the backlight. So I did!! It
works great!
 I do not work for Disetronics, this is my own
impression of the new pump as a real-life pumper.
 I am looking forward to its release in the near
......Carolyn Green.......(Happily Pumping since

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