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[IP] Eye Check Lady

> Next appointment, stop her short so you don't have to
> listen to her. Tell her you have hired her to check
> your eyes, if you want any further information on
> diabetes you will let the doctor know.
> You could also derail her by taking the candy out of
> your mouth and attempt to hand it to her (yes spit and
> all). Then tell her you will be right back after you
> go to the car to get your gluco tabs. Hopefully the
> Dr. will arrive soon! Then report her unprofessional
> behavior to the Dr. -- you might save the next patient
> the pain of listening to her.

Well, as often happens in this forum with many of us, I have a slightly
different take on this. Last week I went to the eyeologist and the assistant
asked me about my BG levels (that's her job). I pulled my trusty little ol'
meter out of my purse and took one right there - no question on her or my
part as to what it was (123). If I had needed to bring my BG up I would have
reached into my purse (that I always carry - that's my job) and put what I
needed in my mouth with no questions asked because of the meter results as I
sat in the chair. No bad feelings on my part when I would have left and no
insults to the technician. She has a job to perform and it's my job to know
what is going on with me where I am. Checking the BG in the office in her
presence avoids a lecture.

We may have hired the dr., but the dr. has hired HER to ask these questions
so he/she knows what is going on. If this is the kind of dr. we
require/desire, then he/she knows DMers' eyes are highly affected by our BGs
and not every DM patient is as knowledgeable as we pumpers are.

BTW, my checking in front of her right then gave me a perfect opportunity to
*train* her about pumps. She had never seen one before but she has now. We
parted as new best friends. YMMV (~_^)
Jan http://maxpages.com/bludasue

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