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Re: [IP] poo-poo on Braden's endo

Hi Linda.  Thanks so much for the encouragement.  Your story sounds so much
like me.  Right now I'm bribing Braden with sweets all the time.  I used to
rarely give sweets to him before diabetes, now ironically, it's all the
time.  His nighttime nos. are crazy and I wonder if he'll end up with
cavities having so many juice boxes in the middle of the night.  I
definately think MDI is just a crazy rollercoaster you hop on and see if you
can make it.  I'm impatiently waiting on the phone call from my endo saying
he's got us set up with one that will do the pump.  I hope it works out
soon.  I was so excited when I read the post last night that said they
started their pump 1 week after they requested it. Our insurance has already
approved it so now I just need a doctor.
I'll keep you posted.  Thanks again!!
Beth K.
Mom to Braden, 3
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> < Just talked with Braden's endo. No pump with him. He's too concerned
> about 'developmental' reasons.  He's been a great endo 'till now, but I'm
> mad as fire  He said how can the child run and play, what if kids make
> he'll be attached to something what if the pump comes out at school? >
> Beth - Adam is 4 1/2 and has been pumping almost 5 months. We love it and
> although there were a few hard times, we would not go back. He has
> beautifully to it and never asks to take it off. He does everything every
> other kid does, other than having to wait a minute for us to disconnect
> before he swims and bathes. He shows the pump to everyone that asks, and
> the kids at school are fine (well, they are only 4) but some have asked
> questions about it and I've tried to explain it simply to them.
> Kids will make fun of anything/anyone - that is not a valid reason not to
> have a pump! It is all in the way the child thinks of it and if he is
> comfortable with it. I think Adam has done well because he is young enough
> not to say "No, I don't want to wear this" like some other kids I know
> are 5 and 6 and up. He has accepted it from Day 1. As for school issues,
> they would just have to call me if there was a problem, I wrote everything
> down for them and I have a cell phone with me when I'm not home for
> emergencies.
> I used to hate meal times, especially getting him to eat mid-afternoon -
> seemed that the N peaked differently and it drove me crazy. I hated having
> to "bribe" him with sweets to eat. No more of that! If he doesn't want to
> eat, or eat only 3 hot dogs, then that's great. If we go to a birthday
> party, he eats however much he wants, same as the other kids. I just have
> to go with him and bolus every little while.  And the night time feeding
> for lows - he would have to have a juice box and a starch to get him
> through, now on the odd occasion when he's low at night, just a juice box
> is enough.
> Tell the endo to log onto insulin-pumpers.org and read the testimonials
> about all the kids!
> Linda, mom to Adam, 4 1/2, pumping 5 months, and Jenna, 2 1/2, non-d
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