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Re: [IP] Eye Stuff

> I also have Kaiser coverage (East Bay-- Oakland)
> but was a little worried about their lack of 
> experience with diabetics the one time I ever
> used it.  Don't know if that is a good place to 
> pursue.  Oakland Kaiser seems to be variable in 
> quality -- partly b/c they keep changing their mind
> about dismantling it.
*blink* I'm an Oaklander with Kaiser too!

I don't know much about eye docs in general though 
(sorry to say), but I'll share what I can...

I've seen eye docs, perhaps a total of a dozen times 
(despite being very blurry in the far field and a touch 
cross-eyed).  Every couple years I go in for an eye 
exam and a retinal screening (got one scheduled for 
next month in fact), and I wind up getting a new pair 
of glasses every three or four years.

The last eye doc I saw (Kaiser) (In SF, I don't recall 
the exact address, but the office was a couple blocks 
north of the Geary/Divisidero campus).  Seemed to at 
least know the effects of off bg levels on sight 
quality as well as the importance of those retinal 
screenings.  I would say he was a bit condescending 
though (of course, not without reason, I wasn't really 
taking care of myself at the time).  I'd tell you his 
name if I could remember, but I can't... I'll ask my 
nurse to look up my record when I see her next month, 
I'm sure it's in the computer somewhere.

As for Kaiser's diabetes experience... well... my Jury 
is still a little out on that one... There are folks 
there who are spot on, and there are some that should 
really have chosen another specialty.  I will say I 
like the people I've been working with lately though.  
Ana puts up with my....eccentricities pretty well, all 
things considered.  And she's been VERY helpful in 
getting me through the right channels towards getting a 

Anyway, fwiw I live downtown, near Lake Merritt, what 
part of the other city by the bay are you from?

-Sara G.

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