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[IP] Eye Stuff

Is there anyone in the SF Bay area, esp the E. Bay who knows anything about
eye doctors in the area?

The basic scenario is:  I had cataract surgery as a kid, before they did
lens implants.  The contacts are hard to get (getting rarer) and expensive
and frustrating and I am blind without them. In addition, I see to be more
and more farsighted, partly perhaps from post-pregnancy, and it is hard to
correct both the far sightedness (poor distance vision) with the aphacic
contact lenses.  I went to the eye doctor.  Have a tiny touch of almost
retinopathy but hasn't gotten worse in years.  My eye doctor is very
uncommunicative and I tried to milk some info out of him -- he just doesn't
talk much and his answers are short monotones (i've heard this reported by
others too so I think he is just like that).  Basically, the two options I
might pursue are lens implants and laser correction.  I want to know more
than the pamphlets about the implications of both of these for long term
diabetic retinopathy.  Also, laser correction is patient paid and I know
they are capitated by the HMOs and loosing lots of money and they are
clearly pushing this.  It might actually solve some problems and be a good
idea (though maybe not now), but it seemed like he was suggesting that.
His answer to my question about the lens implants in that yes, it has some
risks, yes the contacts I wear now have some risks.  That I might not want
to do it, but that I could do it.  Not heavy on the info.

Anyone know anything about how to research this?  Where to go for a second
opinion?  I also have Kaiser coverage (East Bay-- Oakland) but was a little
worried about their lack of experience with diabetics the one time I ever
used it.  Don't know if that is a good place to pursue.  Oakland Kaiser
seems to be variable in quality -- partly b/c they keep changing their mind
about dismantling it.

Well, any info or resources or references would be appreciated!



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