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Re: [IP] UNappreciated lecture


Sounds awful!

I've learned that much of how diabetics (type 1) get treated is in how they
present themselves.  It has little to do with you A1C.  I finally (when I
was pregnant) really got that I didn't have to be soooo honest. So instead,
I might try something like "My control is pretty good, especially for a
teenager, but I would like my A1Cs to be perfect and they aren't there yet
so I am still working on it"  and, apropos the candy "sometimes I have more
trouble with the lows from not eating enough than the highs".  While this
is not strictly true, its not untrue either.  For years 7 was a pretty good
# for a teenager.

People have been telling me this for years and it took me forever to get
it.  It was driven home to me when I had to go to the endo all the time
when I was pregnant and I watched how the dieticians and CDEs treated
people more according to the category they fit into than anything else.
There I was, suddenly, for the first time in my life, a white,
well-educated, married woman with a good job, a well-employed husband who
was clearly involved and I noticed how much nicer and more accepting
medical people were than all those years when I was on my own, struggling
financially etc.  It's completely unfair, but to get the kind of care and
helpful response you deserve I guess maybe sometimes you play the game.


Amy Martin wrote:

> Ok, I have to share this-
>  I saw my opthalmologist today---regular yearly
> checkup.
>  The nurse or whoever does the main part of the exam,
> asks how my D control is (after I say I use humalog
> and she goes you mean the insulin?)--I say well it's
> inconsistent, lately leaning on the high side. She
> gets partway into her "spiel" as she calls it, that
> I'm fortunate, diabetes is one disease where the
> patient controls whether or not he or she gets
> complications..this is crap! I was humoring her. She
> said she'd save me a whole spiel since she knew I want
> to become a doc so figured I understood the importance
> of good control. Then my mom chirps in well she is on
> an insulin pump, and I explain I think most of it is
> just because of my age. As I see it, I'm in crappy
> control, I'm all over the board, but I've stopped
> totally freaking out over it, b/c everyoen tells me
> it's my age. I added that my a1c is 7.0, which doesn't
> represent God awful control. I did NOT appreciate this
> lecture. It's not like I don't aim for good control.
> She goes its all in your diet (said that twice nad
> then threw in the word insulin too). I was eatin ga
> piece of candy at the time and she got on my back for
> eating candy that wasn ot sugar free--I tried
> explaining, that I felt low and didn't have time to
> run to the car to get gluc tabs, so of course, I have
> candy in my pocket for these sorts of emergnecies..but
> I don't think she believed me. I did NOOOOOTT
> appreciate this crap. yes, I'm a teen but everyone is
> different, and I think I am in decent control for
> someone my age. 7.0 is not a great a1c but I don't
> think I will ever be much lower. And so I'm having
> highs, they're not permanent and I'm not just sitting
> on them!!! Oh, and when I did leave the office my bg
> was 53 so I think I WAS justified having that candy in
> my mouth---
>  I hate folks who think they know more about D than
> us. And I get the impression she thinks I'm setting
> myself up for complications...
>  the ignorance and stereotypes out there SUCK! And at
> least from waht I've seen, most people think of teens
> with D as totally noncompliant, skipping insulin, and
> spending forever in the hopsital in DKA--It's not
> fair. A woman I volunteer with did that to me last
> weekend, figuring I'd gotten sick...
>  Geez
>  Amy
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