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[IP] Re:UNappreciated lectures


How beautifully you put it!  I have had that question (who out there
hasn't?)  "How is your D control?" HUNDREDS of times over the years and I
have ALWAYS wished there was a perfect answer--a one-liner-- to sort of
clear the air and stop the conversation dead!   It is such a perfectly
ridiculous question--the answer to which is meaningless to the person who
asked it!! Where is it going on any form that is meaningful?

The people with the lectures are the ones who know the least but
unfortunately they would never recognize their stupidity--they would just
think we were ungrateful or one of those "bad" diabetics.  Often this
behavior comes out of the mouths of professionals (eg., dentists) or their
helpers (your "eye" person), or from, lets face it, someone who just doesn't
realize that you don't need them telling you how to live your life. Why are
there so many of these people? Am I ever one of those people about some
topic?  It's probably a frighteningly true possibility.  We all think we
know "best" about something.... if only we would all just take care of
ourselves, that would do..........

Barbara (BBB) 

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