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[IP] UNappreciated lecture


Next appointment, stop her short so you don't have to
listen to her. Tell her you have hired her to check
your eyes, if you want any further information on
diabetes you will let the doctor know. 

She will be mad, but silent. YES! 

You could also derail her by taking the candy out of
your mouth and attempt to hand it to her (yes spit and
all). Then tell her you will be right back after you
go to the car to get your gluco tabs. Hopefully the
Dr. will arrive soon! Then report her unprofessional
behavior to the Dr. -- you might save the next patient
the pain of listening to her. 

I am serious. Ignorant people who think they know
everything about diabetes usually don't have the
intelligence to understand rational communication. 


>Ok, I have to share this-
> I saw my opthalmologist today---regular yearly
 >The nurse or whoever does the main part of the exam,
>asks how my D control is (after I say I use humalog
and she goes you mean the insulin?)--I say well it's
inconsistent, lately leaning on the high side. She
gets partway into her "spiel" as she calls it, 

 I hate folks who think they know more about D than
us. And I get the impression she thinks I'm setting
myself up for complications...

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