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RE[IP] Cure for diabetes

<<Now the Drug Companies is the one I am not sure about  they 
over price everything so if anyone has a cure and is hiding it has to be 
the Companies and not the other 2.>>

Not in any particular defense of the drug companies...but...consider the 
amount of donations for research, free education materials, sponsored 
education programs, free meters, free strips for teaching patients, free 
medicines programs for indigent... donations of LOTS of free items to 
diabetes camps...some of the profits for diabetes related materials are also 
put back into the programs the companies have for research and development; 
and advertising costs are enormous...Oh, I am also aware of companies 
subsidizing a great number of the publications we have available. Let's not 
be too hard on the people making money. No one works for free.  That's just 
the way it is in the US.
Diabetes (all forms) cost the health care system over $92 billion in 1998.

Just my $.02. 
Have a great weekend everyone.
Barbara B.
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