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[IP] UNappreciated lecture

Ok, I have to share this-
 I saw my opthalmologist today---regular yearly
 The nurse or whoever does the main part of the exam,
asks how my D control is (after I say I use humalog
and she goes you mean the insulin?)--I say well it's
inconsistent, lately leaning on the high side. She
gets partway into her "spiel" as she calls it, that
I'm fortunate, diabetes is one disease where the
patient controls whether or not he or she gets
complications..this is crap! I was humoring her. She
said she'd save me a whole spiel since she knew I want
to become a doc so figured I understood the importance
of good control. Then my mom chirps in well she is on
an insulin pump, and I explain I think most of it is
just because of my age. As I see it, I'm in crappy
control, I'm all over the board, but I've stopped
totally freaking out over it, b/c everyoen tells me
it's my age. I added that my a1c is 7.0, which doesn't
represent God awful control. I did NOT appreciate this
lecture. It's not like I don't aim for good control.
She goes its all in your diet (said that twice nad
then threw in the word insulin too). I was eatin ga
piece of candy at the time and she got on my back for
eating candy that wasn ot sugar free--I tried
explaining, that I felt low and didn't have time to
run to the car to get gluc tabs, so of course, I have
candy in my pocket for these sorts of emergnecies..but
I don't think she believed me. I did NOOOOOTT
appreciate this crap. yes, I'm a teen but everyone is
different, and I think I am in decent control for
someone my age. 7.0 is not a great a1c but I don't
think I will ever be much lower. And so I'm having
highs, they're not permanent and I'm not just sitting
on them!!! Oh, and when I did leave the office my bg
was 53 so I think I WAS justified having that candy in
my mouth---
 I hate folks who think they know more about D than
us. And I get the impression she thinks I'm setting
myself up for complications...
 the ignorance and stereotypes out there SUCK! And at
least from waht I've seen, most people think of teens
with D as totally noncompliant, skipping insulin, and
spending forever in the hopsital in DKA--It's not
fair. A woman I volunteer with did that to me last
weekend, figuring I'd gotten sick...

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