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Re: [IP] deciding not to check

> One of the side benefits to pump therapy 
> that I've often promoted is that being able 
> to calculate, adjust, etc. makes checking 
> akin to doing your math homework, having 
> the answers immediately accessible in the 
> back of the book & being able to corroborate 
> with a "uh huh..got that one right too".....
hahaha makes me picture a kid (noone you know! HONEST!) 
sitting in the back row of math class ranting to the 
instructor about "Why do I have to LEARN this?  I'm 
never going to use it, and even if I am, I can just use 
a calculator!!!"

If my fourth grade math teacher could only see me 
now... she'd say "I TOLD YOU SO!!!"

-Sara G. (tipping her head in respect for the one 
teacher who got her to appreciate the beauty of 

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