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Re: [IP] re: velosulin ratios...

Hi Amy,

Yes you do need a Rx for it to be covered.  Sometimes you can go around an
endo to a Primary care physician.  Or keep working on him.  Unfortunately
velosulin is expensive.

Your ratio is fine -- that's really a whatever works thing.  It sounds like
you had 160 units left in your resevoir.  You could simply use the resevoir
with new infusions set.  That will mean that it will be important not to
forget that you will run out of insulin soon (I've done that :-)!), but,
there is no reason you have to refill the resevoir and the infusion set
always in sync.  I do that sometimes but not to often (for the forgetting
reason).  The other thing I do is inject air with a clean resevoir (no
insulin in it) into the two bottles and then add more of each kind of
insulin to the resevoir.  This is fine, you just have to hold on to the
plunger so it doesn't back slide on you.  The white bubbles sound like they
may be a bottle that doesn't have much insulin left and when you are
pulling insulin out or injecting the air in you may have the needle not in
the insulin itself but in the air filled part of the bottle. This all
sounds harder than it is but you have to just do it enough times to keep
your hands coordinated and then it will seem pretty straightforward.

It's hard to tell what the highs are but they could be timing -- R (V) is
longer acting than H.  Or, perhaps something else.

I hope you A1C comes soon.  Sounds like you are doing a good job.

Is there anyway your parents will help you with the doctor and asking for
velosulin?  You might show them some of the list serve posts.  I was a teen
on a pump and had tons of site infections and problems until they invented
velosulin.  I know asking parents things can be complicated and difficult.
I suspect that perhaps it is much a matter of strategy:  when, where, how

Good luck!


Amy Martin wrote:

> Ruth--
>  I thought this was all simple but now it's starting
> to sound confusing. Someone said you don't need an rx
> for Velosulin--good, but by doing it like that
> insurance will NOT cover it. (my parents are
> cheap:-)As for ratios....ok, last time I did 60uR
> 240uH, BUT chnaged my site this afternoon---and this
> was a big nono, I had 160 units left and added some
> humalog (then the bottle became all white bubbles so I
> got rid of the bottle) and topped up my reservoir with
> H--extremely INaccurate--that's just me. First off,
> can I fairly assume of the 160 units I had left it was
> proportinoately H and R, or does it relaly matter? I
> think I added another 40 units of R today...just
> reused the resrevoir, trying to get a quick change--I
> am thinking I really need to rework bsaals before
> touching R at all, whether mixing or pure, I'm having
> way too many highs, including non-explained 400s which
> can't be blamed on food or chos at all.
>  Oh, and I saw my doc 2 weeks ago, I"m really getting
> anxious for my a1c! I thought it would've been here
> last Monday!
>  Amy
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